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Andrea Orr, author of Meeting, Mating (...and Cheating): Sex, Love, and the New World of Online Dating, says there are some things you should and should not do when you venture into online dating.

trucker datingTRY IT. You may be hesitant about online dating, but it has become mainstream and will certainly connect you with a lot of people you would not have met otherwise.

trucker datingPOST A PHOTO. A lot of people only look at the postings that include photos, so find a flattering one and upload it. For the tech-illiterate, many dating sites will post photos that you mail in.

trucker datingBE HONEST ABOUT INTENTIONS. If you are looking for marriage, friendship or just a lot of dates, there are plenty of other people looking for the same thing, so be up front.

trucker datingBE POSITIVE. Too many people use loser lines like “I can’t believe I’m doing this” or “I haven’t had much luck in the bars.” Sell yourself!

trucker datingBE SPECIFIC. Dating sites let you write about yourself — a far cry from the abbreviated format of print personals (SWF for single white male). Avoid clichés and list your unusual qualities and hobbies.

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trucker datingDon't GO TO UNSAFE WEB SITES. This is the ONLY Trucker Dating Service that Pre-Approves people BEFORE they can join! Truck driver sites are not in abundance but TruckerCupid.com is the only service that has this practice and CALLS each person personally to verify they are who they say they are. NO PREDATORS ALLOWED!

trucker datingDon’t become so consumed with online dating that you overlook social opportunities offline. If your closest relationship is with your computer, that’s a problem.

trucker datingREVEAL TOO MUCH. Guard personal information, especially about finances and where you live and work. E-mail and talk on the phone until trust develops. When you decide to meet, do so in a public place.

trucker datingSTAY IN A DEAD-END. While e-mail is a great way to get to know a person, your goal should be to take the relationship offline. If the interest is mutual, you should be ready to meet within a month.

trucker datingTAKE ALL DATES TO THE SAME PLACE IF POSSIBLE. Be discreet when dating more than one person from the same town.

trucker datingDATE IF YOU ARE MARRIED. Plenty of marriage-ending affairs have grown out of casual e-mail flirtations by people who were just a little restless or bored.

Chatroom Scams

The Scam: Russian cyber-crooks have developed a software robot that poses as a human in chatrooms. These bots can chat with up to 10 people simultaneously, and easily persuade them to hand over phone numbers, photographs, birthday, address, and other personal information. The site claims "Not a single girl has yet realized that she was communicating with a program!" Information harvested by these bots can be used by fraudsters to carry out various forms of fraud. Unsuspecting victims may also be tricked into visiting a 'personal site' that could load malware onto their computers. Sergei Shevchenko, Senior Malware Analyst at PC Tools said CyberLover, "employs highly intelligent and customized dialogue to target users of social networking systems. It can monitor Internet browser activity, automatically recognize and fill in the fields in the web pages, generate keystrokes and mouse clicks, and post messages, URLs, files and photos."



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